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January 7, 2013
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Cyanogen for Gnome shell 3.6 by cbowman57 Cyanogen for Gnome shell 3.6 by cbowman57
Make sure to use version 1.1 of zoncolor…. I was unable to get it to work with the latest version, 1.6.5. Perhaps the author of zoncolor can be persuaded to find a simple solution & include this in his theme pack.

A Gnome shell & Gtk theme using zoncolor.
( zonColor can be found here… )

The shell theme can be used without zoncolor.

READ this carefully, then follow the steps in order.

Go to the fandigital site & download the zoncolor package, save it to a working folder OTHER than ~/.themes

Download this file & save it to the same working folder you saved zoncolor to.

o Extract both files, run the install script for zoncolor first.

o Run the second.

o Now, look in ~/.themes/zoncolor/cbowman57, run the Cyanogen.zcfg

o Now, use Gnome Tweak Tool & you should set your shell theme to Cyanogen, GTK theme to zoncolor & whatever you want to set your metacity.

A little complicated, but it will likely get easier with some more experience.

Must use older version of zoncolor to get this to work, 1.1…
(Doesn't appear to work with 1.6.5)

Changed instructions & install script
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every time I try and run the .zcfg file, it just opens it up into gedit, right clicking it does not show an run option.  Do i have to go into terminal and turn the file into an executable.  My internet research on the file type is all about a zoom search engine function for websites.

could you please point me in the right direction. thank you.
Yes I did, one of the problems I was running into was with the .zcfg file.  After some internet research, I think, though I am not sure is that there is not enough video memory for my Virtual Machine and Fedora is resorting to the fallback file.  also.. it looks like GTK3 is overriding GTK2.  I am still very new to Linux and this is a very much a learning process.
Could be, virtual machines introduce their own sets of problems.
maybe.. still have not figured it out yet.  but i think you maybe on to something. 
Yeah, that and there were changes made to zoncolor.  I tried to get it functional a couple weeks ago on my system, and couldn't get it working.
HellishVard Aug 11, 2013  Student General Artist
sweet man, ive been looking for this exact theme set for so long!!! thank you, now i can TRON it Up
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